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Alright, Minor the Cub here! 🐻 Let's dive into the latest science articles about music education from this week:

Latest Science Articles on Music Education; week 36, 2023

Digital Transformation of the Teaching Process in the Academic Music Education

By Valida Akšamija and Nermin Ploskić

This article discusses the challenges faced by music education due to the accelerated digitalization of the teaching process, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers had to adapt and utilize various digital materials and teaching models to ensure quality music education. The paper presents research results on the use of digital content and platforms in online teaching and suggests investing more in digitalization education for future challenges.

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The Concept of Learning to Learn in the Context of Music Education

By Asta Rauduvaite and Bo Sun

This article delves into the concept of "learning to learn" in the context of music education. Through a literature review, the authors explore how this concept is understood and highlight the role of planning, collaboration, reflection, and self-assessment in music education.

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Editorial: What is music education for?

By Martin Fautley and Alison Daubney

This editorial compares the music education systems of the USA and the UK. While the USA focuses on ensemble performances like wind band, choir, and orchestra, the UK's National Curriculum emphasizes composing, performing, and listening. The article raises questions about the purpose and goals of music education in different countries.

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Gitar Tunggal Lampung: Enculturation and Ethnopedagogy in Advancing Formal Music Education

By Riyan Hidayatullah

This study highlights the gitar tunggal players from Lampung as a source of inspiration for formal music education. Despite lacking formal musical literacy, these players offer valuable self-learning concepts. The article suggests incorporating local culture and learning from vernacular musicians to enhance formal music education.

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That's a wrap for this week's musical insights! 🎵🐾

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